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Portal ini berisi kumpulan publikasi dari jurnal yang diterbitkan dan dikelola oleh prodi atau tim pengelola jurnal ilmia di lingkungan Universitas Serang Raya


  • Prosiding Seminar Nasional Riset Terapan | SENASSET

    Kumpulan Artikel ilmiah yang dipublikasikan melalui kegiatan seminar tahunan yang diselenggarakan oleh LPPM Universitas Serang Raya. Artikel yang dimuat merupakan hasil penelitian dan pengabdian berbasis riset yang telah dilakukan oleh peneliti di berbagai daerah dan perguruan tinggi.
  • Wikrama Parahita : Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat


    Community Service Journal Wikrama Parahita is a journal managed by the Institute for Research and Community Service of the University of Serang Raya with ISSN 2599-0020 (Print) and ISSN 2599-0012 (Online). This journal contains articles of community service with the scope of Training and Marketing that are utilized for community empowerment, SMEs and local communities; Community empowerment; Social Access; Community Service Activities by Students; Empowerment of Border Area Communities; Education for Sustainable Development; Community Empowerment Program; Design and Reach Appropriate Technology for Communities.

  • Jurnal Sistem dan Manajemen Industri

    Jurnal Sistem dan Manajemen Industri, with registered number ISSN 2580-2887 (print), 2580-2895 (online) is a scientific multidisciplinary journal managed by the Department of Industrial Engineering, Universitas Serang Raya. This journal aims to publish the results of research in the field of Industrial Engineering and is published twice a year. Jurnal Sistem dan Manajemen Industri includes contributions, but not limited to, in the following fields:
    (1) Work Design and Measurement;
    (2) Operations Research and Analysis;
    (3) Decision Analysis and Methods;
    (4) Facilities Engineering and Engineering Management;
    (5) Quality and Reliability Engineering;
    (6) Human Factors, Ergonomics, and Safety;
    (7) Operations Engineering & Management;
    (8) Supply Chain Management and Logistics;
    (9) Engineering Management;
    (10) Information System, Business Process Management;
    (11) Product Design & Development;
    (12) System Design & Engineering;
    (13) Project Management;
    (14) Simulation & Stochastic Models;
    (15) Material Management.


    Jurnal Sistem dan Manajemen Industri works closely with BKSTI (Badan Kerjasama Penyelenggara Pendidikan Tinggi Teknik Industri), which provides editorial members, peer reviewers, and writers who are in line with the objectives and scope of Jurnal Sistem dan Manajemen Industri.

  • Journal of Machine Learning and Soft Computing

    ISSN : 2686-1704 (Cetak)

    ISSN (Online) : In process

    DOI : 

    URL :

    Penerbit : Fakultas Teknologi Informasi


    Journal of Machine Learning and Soft Computing (JMLSC) is a research publication media in the field of deep learning, neural networks, rule based systems, bayessian, decision tree and classification, clustering, fuzzy logic, uncertainty, artificial intelligence and other fields that are in accordance with the concept development machine learning and soft computing toward decision support, group decisions and allied.

    We invite researchers, academics, practitioners to publish the results of research in the above areas in this journal.

  • Prosiding Seminar Nasional Rekayasa Teknologi Informasi | SNARTISI

    Berisi kumpulan artikel hasil penelitian di bidang rekayasa teknologi informasi yang diselenggarakan oleh Fakultas Teknologi Informasi, Universitas Serang Raya
  • Sawala : Jurnal Administrasi Negara

    Journal Sawala Administrasi Negara with registered number ISSN 2302-2231 (print), ISSN 2598-4039 (online) is a scientific multidisciplinary journal published by Public Administrations Universitas Serang Raya. Journal Sawala is published two times a year in April and October. This journal contains scientific articles on Public Administration science written in two languages: Bahasa Indonesia and English. The article is published in form of empirical research, conceptual or theoretical framework or issues related to the Public Administration sciences. Journal Sawala particularly focuses on the main problems in the development of the sciences of public policies and administrations areas. It covers the Administration Development, The Regional Autonomy And Bureaucracy, The State Apparatus, Good Governance, Government, The Decentralisation, Public Services, The Public Management, The Governance And Its Policy, And Any Social Sciences, Politics and Regional Planning. Please read these guidelines carefully. Authors who want to submit their manuscript to the editorial office of Jurnal Sawala should obey the writing guidelines. Abstracts and full text that have been published on the website can be read and downloaded in The journal is accreditted with Rank 4 based on Keputusan Direktur Jenderal Penguatan Riset dan Pengembangan Kementerian Riset, Teknologi, Dan Pendidikan Tinggi, Republik Indonesia, Nomor : 10/E/KPT/2019 Tentang Peringkat Akreditasi Jurnal Ilmiah Periode 2 Tahun 2019. The accreditation is acknowledged in July 9, 2018 and valid until July 8, 2020, Nomor SK Akreditasi : 10/E/KPT/2019

  • Jurnal Inovasi dan Kreatifitas

    JURNAL INOVASI DAN KREATIVITAS (JIKa) merupakan sarana publikasi hasil riset bersama (kolaborasi) antara Dosen dan Mahahasiswa dari berbagai disiplin keilmuan seperti Sosial Humaniora, Ekonomi, Teknik/Eksakta, Pertanian, Kesehatan dan disiplin lain yang relevan. JIKa terbit 2 (dua) kali dalam 1 (satu) tahun yaitu pada bulan Februari dan September. JIKa dikelola oleh Biro Kemahasiswaan dan LPPM Universitas Serang Raya.

  • Ajudikasi : Jurnal Ilmu Hukum

    Ajudikasi : Jurnal Ilmu Hukum with registered number ISSN 2613-9995 (print) and 2614-0179 (online) is a scientific on legal discipline journal published by Universitas Serang Raya. This journal aims to publish the results of research in the field of law is published twice a year. The scope of Sciences covers Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Bussines Law, Labour Law and Industrial Relations Disputes, Cyber Law, Intellectual Property Right and other scientific studies in accordance with scope field of law research.

    Ajudikasi : Jurnal Ilmu Hukum is published twice a year in June and December. The Redaction Board accept only research in the field of legal science that already in the form of a journal article to be considered for publication.

    Starting in the edition, 3 (1) of 2019 the article template changed from the American Psychological Association (APA) style to Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition (Full Note).

  • JDKP Jurnal Desentralisasi dan Kebijakan Publik

    The Journal of Decentralization and Public Policy (JDKP), with registered number ISSN 2722-5259 (online) is a multidisciplinary scientific journal managed by the laboratory of Decentralization and Public Policy at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Political Sciences, and Law Science at Universitas Serang Raya. JDKP journals are published twice a year, namely in March and September. The JDKP Journal contains articles that discuss issues of decentralization and public policy, such as issues of political decentralization, administrative decentralization, fiscal decentralization, and economic decentralization. This journal also discusses issues of public policy, both at the global, regional, and local levels.


    Jurnal Bantenese Pengabdian Masyarakat merupakan Publikasi ilmiah dibidang Pengabdian Masyarakat yang diterbitkan oleh Pusat Studi Sosial dan Pengabdian Masyarakat (PS2PM) Fakultas Ilmu Sosial, Ilmu Politik dan Ilmu Hukum Universitas Serang Raya (Unsera) dengan nomor e-ISSN 2656-1840 yang mencakup : pembangunan partisipatif, Pemberdayaan Masyarakat, Pengembangan Kompetensi dan kewirausahaan, Pengembangan Ekonomi Kerakyatan,  Pengelolaan Wilayah Pedesaan dan pesisir, Collaborative Governance, Public Private Partnership, Jejaring Kemitraan Pemberdayaan, Sociopreuner, Industri Kreatif, dan UMKM, Sosial dan Budaya dan Harmoni Sosial.

  • Seminar Nasional Ekonomi dan Bisnis (SENOBIS)

    Website ini berisikan hasil Call Paper yang diselenggarakan oleh fakultas ekonomi dan Bisnis
  • JAK (Jurnal Akuntansi) Kajian Ilmiah Akuntansi


    Jurnal Akuntansi (JAK) was published by the Accounting Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Serang Raya University, Indonesia. with registered number ISSN 2549-5968 (online), 2339-2436 (Print) Published twice a year, January and July, JAK is a communication media and a reply forum for scientific work, especially regarding accounting. The paper presented in JAK is solely from the author. Editorial staff can edit paper, as long as it doesn't change the meaning. JAK has obtained accreditation from the Directorate General of Research and Development Strengthening, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia by Decree No. 10 / E / KPT / 2019 



    Kaibon Abhinaya : Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat ISSN 2657-1110, this Journal contains the results of community service and empowerment activities in the form of the application of various fields of science including education, economics, engineering, agriculture, social, humanities, and computers.

  • Sains Manajemen

    Jurnal Terbitan Manajemen Universitas Serang Raya; ruang lingkup jurnal adalah ilmu manajemen seperti Manajemen Keuangan, Pemasaran, Sumber Daya Manusia, Operasi, Sistem Informasi Manajemen. Jurnal Terbit secara berkala yaitu pada bulan Juni dan Desember dengan Nomor E-ISSN 2443-0064 dan P-ISSN 2622-0377.

  • Jurnal Manajemen

    Journals published by the University Management and Business Program at Serang Raya include The results or research by lecturers, and the results of research by lecturers and students In the fields of financial management, marketing and human resources.

    1. Published periodically in June and December 

    2. e-ISSN 2627-7872 and Print Out ISSN 2088-8554. 

    3. The jurnal manajemen was accredited  in shinta 5 with number 21/E/KPT/2018. 





  • Jurnal Ekonomi Vokasi

    Jurnal Ekonomi Vokasi berisi artikel-artikel ilmiah meliputi bidang ilmu Akuntansi, Manajemen Perusahaan, Keuangan Perbankan dan Pemasaran, serta bidang-bidang lain yang terkait dengan bidang Ekonomi. Jurnal terbit 2 kali dalam satu tahun yaitu bulan Januari dan Juli dengan nomor P-ISSN 2622-4240


  • GAUSS: Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika

    Gauss: Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika (p-ISSN: 2620-956X; e-ISSN: 2620-8067) is scientific, peer-reviewed and open access journal managed and published by Department of Mathematics Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Serang Raya University, Banten, Indonesia, biannually on May and December. All submitted manuscripts will be initially reviewed by editors and are then evaluated through the blind peer review process.

    This journal contains innovative learning topics, development of learning tools, curiculum design, assessment, and the up to date mathematics education research.

  • ProTekInfo(Pengembangan Riset dan Observasi Teknik Informatika)

    Protekinfo (Pengembangan Riset dan Observasi Teknik Informatika) is a Computer Science or Informatics journal published by Program Studi Informatika Universitas Serang Raya with registered number ISSN 2406-7741(Print) 2597-6559 (On-Line). This journal aims to publish the results of research in the field of Computer Science is published once a year in a september. The scope of Sciences covers Soft Computing, artificial intelligence, Data mining, Decision Support System, Geographic Information System, Multimedia, Game Development, Augmented Reality and other scientific studies in accordance with scope field of Computer Science research.


    More Announcements

  • PROSISKO: Jurnal Pengembangan Riset dan Observasi Sistem Komputer

    Journal elektronik yang berisi tentang jurnal-jurnal riset dan observasi Sistem Komputer Fakultas Teknologi Informasi Universitas Serang Raya. Tujuannya adalah sebagai sarana untuk memberikan informasi tentang kajian dan penelitian bidang sistem komputer yang ada di Universitas Serang Raya

  • Jurnal CIVTECH Teknik Sipil Universitas Serang Raya

    Jurnal CIVTECH Teknik Sipil Universitas Serang Raya bertujuan untuk mempublikasikan hasil penelitian dibidang Teknik Sipil yang diterbitkan dengan periode terbit setiap satu tahun dan dikelola oleh Program Studi Teknik Sipil dibawah naungan Fakultas Teknik. Bidang cakupan keilmuan meliputi Manajemen Konstruksi, Struktur, Transportasi, Kebencanaan, Perairan serta kajian ilmu lainnya yang sesuai dengan scope bidang penelitian Teknik Sipil. (KLIK DISINI UNTUK AKSES JURNAL LENGKAP)

  • Jurnal INTECH Teknik Industri Universitas Serang Raya

    Jurnal INTECH Teknik Industri Universitas Serang Raya,with registered number ISSN 2407-781X (Print) and 2655-2655 (online) is a scientific journal published by the Industrial Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Serang Raya University through a review process. This journal aims to publish the results of research in the field of Industrial Engineering which is published twice a year. The scope of science includes Operations Research, Manufacturing Systems, Industrial Management, Ergonomics and Work Systems, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and other scientific studies in accordance with the scope of Industrial Engineering research.

  • Jurnal Chemtech

    Jurnal Chemtech merupakan jurnal yang memuat artikel ilmiah dengan bidang ilmu teknik kimia. ruang lingkup jurnal meliputi; Proses Kimia, Material, Kimia Lingkungan, dan Pengolahan Limbah. Jurnal ini dikelola oleh program studi Teknik Kimia Universitas Serang Raya melalui media elektronik.