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Journal title Jurnal Sistem dan Manajemen Industri
Frequency 2 issues per year
Print ISSN 2580-2887
Online ISSN 2580-2895
DOI 10.30656/jsmi
Accreditation Number No.5162/E4/AK.04/2021 (SINTA 2)


Jurnal Sistem dan Manajemen Industri, with registered number ISSN 2580-2887 (print), 2580-2895 (online) is a scientific multidisciplinary journal managed by the Department of Industrial Engineering, Universitas Serang Raya. This journal aims to publish the results of research in the field of Industrial Engineering and is published twice a year. Jurnal Sistem dan Manajemen Industri includes contributions, but not limited to, in the following fields:
(1) Work Design and Measurement;
(2) Operations Research and Analysis;
(3) Decision Analysis and Methods;
(4) Facilities Engineering and Engineering Management;
(5) Quality and Reliability Engineering;
(6) Human Factors, Ergonomics, and Safety;
(7) Operations Engineering & Management;
(8) Supply Chain Management and Logistics;
(9) Engineering Management;
(10) Information System, Business Process Management;
(11) Product Design & Development;
(12) System Design & Engineering;
(13) Project Management;
(14) Simulation & Stochastic Models;
(15) Material Management.

Jurnal Sistem dan Manajemen Industri works closely with BKSTI (Badan Kerjasama Penyelenggara Pendidikan Tinggi Teknik Industri), which provides editorial members, peer reviewers, and writers who are in line with the objectives and scope of Jurnal Sistem dan Manajemen Industri.