Plagiarism Check

This journal expects the authors to read and understand our ethics policy before submitting the articles. This is in accordance with our commitment to the prevention of ethical misconduct, which we recognise to be a growing problem in academic and scientific publications. The Editorial Board will not tolerate any plagiarism from the submitted manuscripts and Turnitin plagiarism checker is used to check and evaluate the similarity index of each article. If editorial boards find any plagiarism from the manuscripts, the manuscripts will be suspended. Here are some detail actions passed by the Editorial board :

  1. A similarity index above 30%: articles with similarity index above 30% will be rejected by JHAK due to poor paraphrasing if the author refuses and/or fails to revise the article.
  2. A similarity index within 10-30%: articles with similarity index within 10-30% will be sent to the author for revision and improvement with a proper paraphrasing.
  3. A similarity index below 10%: articles with similarity index below 10% will be accepted and proceed to the next process : review process.

Even though the articles in the second and third case will be accepted, there is still a need for a very careful revision of the article from the authors.