INDUSTRI KREATIF “TENUN MUNA” DAN PEMASARAN ONLINE (studi deskriptif dinamika pemasaran hasil tenun daerah Kabupaten Muna Sulawesi Tenggara)

  • Wa Ode Lusianai Universitas Halu Oleo
  • La Tarifu Universitas Halu Oleo
  • Ikrima Nurfikria Universitas Halu Oleo
  • Aryuni Salpiana Jabar Universitas Halu Oleo
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Keywords: social media, online marketing, woven clothes, creative industry


Weave is the identity and wealth inherent in a region. In Muna district, it is also known to
have high quality weave with diverse and interesting motifs. However the fundamental problem among
weavers is the limited media or means of promotion and sale of their weaving products. The lack of
knowledge and skills in utilizing the information technology; also the fear of weavers on motifs "theft"
by other weavers are two major problems the Muna's weaving was unpublished. This research was
conducted to identify the marketing mode of Muna’s weaving and the use of IT-based communication
media in its marketing. Using a qualitative research model, research data was collected through
interviews and observations and then analyzed using qualitative descriptive data analysis of Miles and
Huberman's interactive models. The research findings indicated that the marketing mode of weaving
was carried out by weavers through collectors or gallery owners and also directly sold to the people
who come to the weave. In addition, weavers also labeled each weaving motif as intellectual property
right, and then published it through their respective online media by filling out the account with the
content profile type or weaving motifs produced, weaving activities, and woven drawings with
captions or messages to illustrate the images. Serious steps are needed among the government,
weavers and the public for the dissemination and education of use and the need for proposing an
intellectual property right (haki) for each woven work motif produced so that there is no longer a
sense of fear of "theft" motifs.


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