Focus and Scope

Taxation (i.e.:  taxable good(s), stamp duty, departure tax, bonded zone(s), The General Tax Provisions and Procedures Law, taxable sales value (L&B tax), land & building tax imposition base, or tax object sales value, land & building tax (L&B tax), output VAT, input VAT, income tax, luxury sales tax (LST), value added tax (VAT), non-collected VAT, export declaration(s), notification of tax audit findings, import declaration(s), VAT collector, foreign capital investment, domestic capital investment, non-taxable income, taxable enterprise(s), retail-trade taxable enterprise(s), VAT-collector counterpart(s), tax refund(s), tax object notification (letter) (L&B tax), notification of tax due (L&B tax), annual tax return, request for reconsideration, tax payment slip(s), confiscation letter(s), fiscal exit tax payment slip(s), General Tax Provisions and Procedures Law, Tax Provisions and Procedures)