JDKP Jurnal Desentralisasi dan Kebijakan Publik 2022-12-08T05:45:49+07:00 Dr. Delly Maulana, MPA Open Journal Systems <p align="justify"><img src="/public/site/images/delma/Cover_Yes4.png"></p> <p align="justify">The Journal of Decentralization and Public Policy (JDKP), with registered number ISSN&nbsp;<a href="">2722-5259</a>&nbsp;(online) is a multidisciplinary scientific journal managed by the laboratory of Decentralization and Public Policy at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Political Sciences, and Law Science at Universitas Serang Raya. JDKP journals are published twice a year, namely in March and September. The JDKP Journal contains articles that discuss issues of decentralization and public policy, such as issues of political decentralization, administrative decentralization, fiscal decentralization, and economic decentralization. This journal also discusses issues of public policy, both at the global, regional, and local levels.</p> Manajemen Pelayanan Keterbukaan Informasi Publik Pada Dinas Komunikasi dan Informatika, Sandi dan Statistik Kota Cilegon 2022-10-07T08:09:19+07:00 Hujjatul Maryam Maryam Agus Sjafari Riswanda Riswanda <p><em>Public Information Disclosure is important in realizing Good Governance and realizing human rights in obtaining Public Information in a transparent and easy manner. Cilegon City is one of the big cities in Banten Province. In carrying out the service of Public Information Disclosure at the Cilegon City Government, the role of the Main Public Information Management Officer is in the Office of Communication and Information, Passwords and Statistics of the City of Cilegon. In carrying out its role in providing public information disclosure services. Has several problems: Lack of human resources, Lack of supporting facilities and infrastructure, Lack of satisfaction level of information requesters, Lack of HR capabilities, No place for public complaints, Lack of responsiveness of service providers to information requesters, Lack of coordination between PPID, Lack of discipline of service providers, Value of information disclosure public distended in 2019. This study uses a qualitative descriptive. The results of this study indicate that the public information disclosure service at Diskominfo Cilegon City is quite good</em></p> 2022-10-07T08:02:14+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 JDKP Jurnal Desentralisasi dan Kebijakan Publik The Effectiveness of Recess Activities for Members of the Pandeglang DPRD in Absorbing Proposed Infrastructure Development Programs 2022-12-08T05:45:49+07:00 Hasanudin Hasanudin Ipah Ema Jumiati Julianes Cadith <p>The purpose of the study was to determine how much effectiveness the recess activities of <br>members of the Pandeglang DPRD in absorbing the proposed infrastructure development <br>program in Dapil 2 Pandeglang Regency. The theory of effectiveness according to Gibson, <br>Donnely and Ivancevich includes production, efficiency, satisfaction, adaptation and <br>development. The research method uses quantitative methods with a descriptive design. The <br>population of the study was the people who were recorded as the Permanent Voters List for <br>the Pandeglang District 2 in the general election for the 2019-2014 period with a total of <br>136,443 people. The sampling technique used proportionate stratified random sampling with <br>as many as 400 respondents. Data analysis used SPSS Version 23 program. The results of the <br>study found that the effectiveness of the recess activities of members of the Pandeglang DPRD<br>in Dapil 2 was declared effective. This was obtained from the hypothesis testing criteria which <br>obtained a value of tcount &gt; ttable (56.282 &gt; 1.649), then H0 was rejected and Ha was accepted. <br>The percentage of effectiveness of recess activities for members of DPRD Pandeglang Dapil 2 <br>is 69.94%.</p> 2022-12-08T05:44:42+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 JDKP Jurnal Desentralisasi dan Kebijakan Publik